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If there is a possibility the problem could harm your company’s reputation…You should call us!

We are a group of highly trained professionals in corporate law, education, human resources, public relations, religion, construction, and accounting, who have successfully solved complex problems for more than 150 clients. If we do not have the answer, then you can rest assured we know who does!

With extensive experience in every aspect of business, we are actual practitioners! From teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, judges, politicians, and CEO’s, we create a dream team to attack every obstacle for our clients. We not only solve the problem, WE CREATE A SMORGESBOARD OF SOLUTIONS!

Whether you are a sole proprietor, small business, or large corporation, we have a specially crafted program just for you. We are policy and strategic management specialists with one major goal in sight: To keep your business in business by preventing an onslaught of future legal and compliance problems. That’s right: We have written over two thousand corporate policies and procedures, provided Wrap Around legal services to churches, companies and schools in every state, and developed and implemented the most innovative training services around!

We offer an array of professional development training programs, educational and legal consulting services that are custom designed for our clients. Our mission is to eliminate the unneccessary stress in your business. Let us show you how.


Human Resource and Compliance Consultation
Education Policy and Compliance Issues
Contract Management and Negotiations
EEO Complaint Investigations and Compliance Reviews
91 Civil Rights and Human Resource Training Modules
Legal Audits
Litigation Prevention Strategies
Policy Drafting, Development, and Training

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